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China Beach DVD Special Features

Language: English    Boxed Set: Yes    Discs: 21 pcs
Release date:2015    Condition: New    Weight: 1.5kg
Format: Support both NTSC and PAL    No. of Seasons: 
Region: Region Free – You can enjoy it wherever you are
Genre:  Horror/ Drama 
Starring: Dana Delany/Nan Woods/Michael Boatman/Marg Helgenberger/Robert Picardo/Tim Ryan/Concetta Tomei/Brian Wimmer/Jeff Kober/Chloe Webb/Megan Gallagher/Nancy Giles/Ned Vaughn/Troy Evans/Ricki Lake

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China Beach DVD Overview

China Beach tv show The show is based on the book Home Before Morning (1983) written by former U.S. Army Nurse Lynda Van Devanter.The show's character Nurse Colleen McMurphy roughly follows Van Devanter's experiences as a nurse in Vietnam. The book takes the reader from Van Devanter's wish to serve her country, through the adventure she thought her deployment to Vietnam would be, her culture shock upon returning to "the States", and her struggles with PTSD. The TV show was cancelled before it could fully address McMurphy's PTSD issues. Van Devanter died in 2002.
Created by William Broyles, Jr. and John Sacret Young, the series looks at the Vietnam War from unique perspectives: those of the women, military personnel, and civilians, who were present during the conflict. John Wells took over most of the series beginning with the second season, and many of the show's cast members appeared later on the Wells-produced series, ER.
China Beach tv show Set in a Vietnam locale nicknamed "Bac My An Beach" at the 510th Evacuation Hospital and R&R (the "Five-and-Dime" Rest & Recreation) facility, the series' cast of characters includes US Army doctors and nurses, officers, soldiers, Red Cross volunteers, and civilian personnel (American, French, and Vietnamese). The series also features the experiences of the characters when they return to the U.S., either on leave or at the end of their tours of duty. The show does not shy away from showing the gruesomeness of war; it provides a very gritty view of the experience there.


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